Role: Video Remix Promoter



The purpose of this role is to increase the visibility of the video remixes by developing partnerships with high traffic web channels and educational sites. Sustainable Human’s goal is to have as many views as possible on our content. This is not a sales position as all Sustainable Human content is given away for free. We are only asking that people share it.


  • Find and create partnerships with high traffic channels (websites, social media channels, etc.) to distribute video remixes.
  • Submit all partnerships via online form.
  • Use this letter template to reach out to organizations and social channels on behalf of Sustainable Human.
  • Find specialty channels for remixes on specific topics (i.e. topical blogs, educational sites, etc.).
  • Promote remixes to established network of distribution channels.
  • Create and promote Thunderclap campaigns for individual remixes.


Skills / Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of social media
  • Good networking and communication skills
  • A desire to help spread the new story


Becoming a Video Remix Promoter for Sustainable Human is easy!

Begin reaching out to organizations or social media outlets with large followings using our form letter and register those interested in becoming a distribution partner using this form.