By Changing The Story, We Change Our World

Why We Exist

Sustainable Human enables you to be part of a global team dedicated to changing the story!

We understand that there is a common cause to all of the crises afflicting modern civilization. Whether it is the crisis in health care, education, inequality, climate, war, race relations, human trafficking, animal cruelty, or any other, their root stems from the idea that human beings are separate from each other and the natural world – that our fate could somehow be different than the world that we are collectively destroying.

If life on Earth is to not only survive but thrive, we must change the narrative of modern civilization. The world we have inherited is built on a unsustainable story of infinite resources, limitless waste and endless competition, degrading both our planet and humanity. It is time to collectively re-imagine the story of the world we wish to live in – one that enables each of us to develop our unique gifts and give them to the world.

Our mission is to create and share stories that help us to live in harmony with each other and the biosphere. By sharing our truth with one another, we can begin the process of healing our wounds of disconnection. Together, we will create a variety of content that offers a more sustainable alternative to the stories promoted through mainstream media and pop culture that reinforce separation and consumption as a way of life.

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What Is Sustainable Human?

Sustainable Human is a collaborative content creation platform aimed at creating and sharing content that can help shift the story of humanity so that we may begin to live in harmony with each other and the planet.

With your help, Sustainable Human produces crowd-sourced content that helps us to question the dominate story of humanity through a variety of different projects. This content is given away for free and promoted to as wide an audience as possible. Anyone can participate by funding, creating, and promoting these stories so that we may offer our brothers and sisters our experience and wisdom towards helping all of us live more sustainably on the planet.

Sustainable Human is a gift-based community where all participants are volunteers and everything we produce together is given away as a gift to humanity. This creates a non-hierarchical organization that can’t be co-opted by individual self-interest as funds will only be used to cover expenses related to the production of content.

Sustainable Human is fully transparent. Currently, there are 143 participants who are collectively giving $766 in recurring monthly gifts. All funds are allocating by majority of vote of the council members to fund the overhead expenses for content creation.

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150 $764.00 $5,555.93 $3,499.00 $2,673.93

Case Study: How Wolves Change Rivers

Our most popular video has been seen over 13 million times and has changed people’s understanding of what it takes to make nature thrive – that you can’t remove one species without damaging all the others.

I have always loved wolves but had no idea that they were so vital to the ecosystem in this particular way. Thank you so much for this video.

This video has led to discussions with my children of how removing just one creature in our urban backyard environment may alter our ecosystem. They instantly understood how everything is connected.

I cried when I learned how wolves change the course of rivers. THIS is my planet. This is my world. The beauty was too great for me to maintain  the ‘manly’ control of my emotions. 

Become a Sustainable Human Ambassador

Ambassadors produce the content that is shared with the Sustainable Human audience.       To volunteer, click on the projects below to see how you can help change the story.

All projects are focused on spreading knowledge, ideas, and alternative ways of living that enable humanity to live in harmony with the rest of life on Earth.

Who Am I?

Who are you? This question sounds simple, but our answer has profound implications for how we see and treat both ourselves and the world. Most of us have a very quick response. We give our name. I have a name, sure – Chris Agnos – but what does that really tell you? 

In corporate society, it is customary to create a resume to tell people who you are. This resume portrays information related to our skills and capabilities, validated in the form of accomplishments. What have you done that can be quantified and put down on paper? After all, your employer doesn’t want to hire a human being with hopes and dreams of their own. They just want to hire someone who can perform the job. 

I reject that. Each of us is so much more than our quantifiable accomplishments. I believe we are a sum total of all our experiences and relationships, which form the basis of our world view and our understanding of what it means to be human.

To truly answer the question of who I am, I felt the need to write a different kind of resume – a life resume – that begins at birth and continues to the present day. You cannot truly know someone without knowing their experiences, and so I present to you, in the spirit of full transparency, my life resume.

Together, we can change the world.

The Sustainable Human Facebook page has grown to over 1.3 million subscribers. Since 2009, we have been holding space for a deeper conversation to take place – one that has opened up the hearts and minds of thousands of people. Here is what some people have had to say about their experience on the page:

“Thank you for being such a great Facebook page. I’ve really been inspired to change how I live my life and how I think because of this page.”

“Sustainable Human always provides good stuff for my eyes and mind to digest. Following this page makes you a better person.”

“I’m truly impressed at the quality of thought provoking and educational material. This isn’t a page of fleeting idealism; there is discipline and hard work here, sharing of new and old ideas that hold promise, and an attitude of positive open mindedness for everything and anything that will inspire people to help ourselves and our world in the long run.”

“This page compels me to fall more and more in love with humanity and our Earth, and fortifies my optimism -what some may call youthful naivety – in a world of cynicism. It is bona fide proof of the potential of the internet and social media and people with a passion for change and spreading awareness. I can’t thank you enough. The things you’ve shared have created such a domino effect in my life. Thank you for being a light.”

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the vision of Sustainable Human?

Sustainable Human is attempting to build a new kind of organization called an FAO – a for-all organization. We realize that the world is easily able to provide for every human need but is lacking the organizational infrastructure and overarching story to make it happen. By coming together to volunteer together on projects that give away their output for free, we can help create a world where everyone has access to the basic necessities of life.

What kind of organization is Sustainable Human?

Sustainable Human is a new style of organization in which control is dispersed among its participants and all finances and group decisions are displayed transparently.

Legally, Sustainable Human is an endeavor being undertaken by Chris Agnos, and all financial contributions are donations to me. I promise to use those funds transparently to further the collective goals of all participants in Sustainable Human in ways that are aligned with the decisions made by the Sustainable Human council members.

Will Sustainable Human fund other projects besides content creation?

The truth is we don't know. Whether or not we decide to engage in other pursuits will be determined by the Sustaianble Human Council. It is certainly possible that we decide collectively through voting to engage in other projects so long as they are aligned with the vision of Sustainable Human. We may decide to create a website to explain the new story and house all of the Sustainable Human content or maybe we want to create a gift economy registry. If we grow really big, it may open up other possibilities that have yet to present themselves. All allocations of funds must be approved by the Sustainable Human Council, and every contributing participant has a voice in how that happens.

How can you prove that Sustainable Human is making a difference?

There are many different levels of proof. Depending on what level you require, we may or may not be able to offer you enough proof. The opposite of proof is faith - not necessarily religious faith but faith in something, whether it is your own intuition, Paul Krugman, or the sturdiness of the chair you are about to sit on.

Modern industrial society is built on proof. Buildings require proof that they will not collapse in an earthquake or when hit by a plane. If you want to prove something in business, you need to present data and evidence. Certainly, I can provide metrics on how many views our videos have but will that prove that Sustainable Human is making a difference? No. There is no way to directly attribute any additional kindness or good will in society directly to watching our videos.

The honest answer is I can't prove to you that we are making a difference. It requires an element of faith. I can, however, show you that we are making a difference for some people. To do that, I will simply let them tell you in their own words.

What will the donations be used for?

All donations will go towards expenses of creating content. Council members must approve all projects and expenditures by majority vote.

What is the "transaction fees / income tax allocation" all about?

The Sustainable Human Council is comprised of people who support the vision of Sustainable Human and who are making recurring financial contributions to Sustainable Human. Council members approve all expenditures by majority vote.

What is the Sustainable Human council?

Because Sustainable Human is not yet a separate legal organization, all contributions to Sustainable Human are taxes as personal income. This has been set to 40%. All funds that are allocated to taxes that aren't used will be returned the following year. Currently, transaction fees are close to 10% so that we could accept micro-processing fees on $1 transactions. Normally, its 29 cents + 2.9%, which would make $1 transactions very pricey. Paypal, which processes the payments behind the scenes, has a micro-processing fee of 5 cents + 5% of the transaction. All together, the Transaction Fee / Income Tax Allocation is set at 50%. It may become necessary as Sustainable Human grows to incorporate so that less of the money is being used for taxes, but this is beyond our understanding and would require assistance from the Sustainable Human Council.

Are there any rules to joining Sustainable Human?

The only rule is to be kind and respectful to each other. We can and must discuss critical issues but personal attacks and/or judgments will not be allowed. Sustainable Human is a community where people of any nationality, race, religion, age, sex, or sexual orientation can contribute freely without fear of discrimination. If you are someone who still consciously engages in discriminatory actions (which furthers the separation at the root of our problems), we kindly ask that you do not join Sustainable Human. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the group who breaks this rule.

Who are the Sustainable Human ambassadors?

Sustainable Human ambassadors are everyday people who have become aware and grown tired of the old story of ruthless competition, scarcity, and separation and want to work together towards creating and spreading a new one based on cooperation, interconnection, and abundance. Ambassadors contribute their time in a variety of roles towards various projects - all of which are designed so that their output can be given away to humanity, thus enabling us to collectively amplify our individual gifts to the world.

How do you become a Sustainable Human ambassador?

Ambassadors participate on any number of roles that are defined in each of the projects. Most of the volunteering is done on a "serendipitous" nature. You sign up to be notified of opportunities to volunteer through monthly newsletters. When the right opportunity presents itself and you have some time to work on it, you simply step forward to volunteer.

Do Sustainable Human ambassadors get paid?

No, at least not in any traditional sense. All ambassadors contribute their time as a gift to Sustainable Human, which in turn gives everything it produces away as a gift to the world. It is meant to serve as an meaningful outlet for one's extra time to help make the world a more beautiful one.

What kinds of roles are available for potential ambassadors?

Ambassadors may offer their expertise in a wide variety of fields such as video editing, video production and promotion, marketing/branding, legal, graphic and web design, web development, and much more. Check out the available positions. There is a role for everyone!