How do stories shape our reality?

“Everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are.” ~ Patrick Rothfuss

No man can cut down an entire forest or enslave an entire nation. It takes a story many people believe in. That's the power of the story. They can be used to refer to an entire race of people to genocide or they can talk to each other about an entire life. The stories we tell about who we are, individually and collectively, shape the reality of the world around us.

If you tell the story that men are naturally competitive, strive to maximize their opportunities and are naturally greedy, we should not be surprised that these values are reflected in the world. But each of us knows that inside we are more than these restrictive labels. In our essence there is a depth and complexity in экскурсия в Пушкинский музей which we exhibit different character traits depending on the site. Desire is a perfectly rational response to an environment of poverty, and we all worked sometimes with greed, perhaps when only one sibling was enough. But in a place of abundance, where there is enough for everyone, say, a picnic, no one is greedy. The history of who we are changes according to the situation we find ourselves in today.

“By changing our story, we change our world.”

~ Chris Agnos

Today, everyone is engaged in artificial competition for a little money to be able to buy the items we need to survive. At the same time, most of us devote our lives to work, the purpose of which is to sell even more goods and services to those who already have money. There is no financial incentive to meet the basic needs of those who do not have the money to buy them. This causes a high level of inequality and human deprivation, which in turn disrupts our social fabric, leading to alienation, fear, bigotry, war and many of humanity's least desirable traits.

The truth is, we are more than our outdated history tells us. Each of us has the ability to choose to act out of compassion or greed, empathy or selfishness, love or fear, depending on our past experience and the situation we find ourselves in. When we perceive an environment of scarcity, we tend to reach for the qualities that ensure our survival. When we experience an environment of abundance, there will be other natural desires to connect with others and to be part of something greater than ourselves.

How does Sustainable Human attempt to change the story?

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” ~ Albert Einstein

If we look at the difference between the way human beings and Nature operate, we see one big distinction in their approaches – control. Nearly every crisis in the world today can be traced back to an attempt to control the world through the application of force, with increasingly devastating externalities like climate change, the breakdown of community, and a lack of love and acceptance. We need a new way of organizing ourselves – one that instead of focusing on providing more superfluous goods and services to those who can afford them, worked towards building an infrastructure that could realize an abundance of basic needs for all.

Sustainable Human is attempting to build a new kind of organization called an FAO – a for-all organization. We realize that the world is easily able to provide for every human need but is lacking the organizational infrastructure and overarching story to make it happen. Sustainable Human is an emerging organization created from the bottom up whose mission is to change the story of the world and bring about an era of abundance for all. Here are some features that make Sustainable Human unique:

How It Works?

Sustainable Human gives away everything it produces for free.

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Who Can Join?

Anyone can join and be a part of Sustainable Human.

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Why It’s Different?

An organization run completely by volunteers.

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Total Transparency

Donators retain control over all community expenditures.

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How Does Sustainable Human work?

Sustainable Human is a social network organized around projects whose output is given away to all for free. Collaborate with other volunteers to form project teams based on your ideas and then invite others participate in roles that you define. Once a project team is formed, it will develop the execution strategy as well as various roles that other community members can volunteer for. All projects will be given a weekly dedicated time slot on the Sustainable Human Facebook page to promote their project, recruit volunteers, and share the products produced by the project. Check out some of our current projects:


Sustainable Human

Work with other volunteers to be part of the core Sustainable Human strategy team and other internal efforts.

Video Remix

Collaborate with others to create and promote video remixes that can help to shift the story of humanity.

Content Curation

Curate story-disrupting content for the Sustainable Human Facebook page with a following of over 1.3 million people.

Who can Join Sustainable Human?


Everyone is invited to join Sustainable Human by making a minimum recurring donation of $1 per month. Finally, there is an organization of people focused not on controlling the world but instead trusting that if everyone is included in the process, we will be able to co-create a future that works for all from the bottom up. It is not about overthrowing the old. This organization is about building the new post-capitalist, collaborative models based on voluntarism that can sustain life on the planet for the next million years.

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Why Is Sustainable Human Different From Other Organizations?

We all have dreams on how to make the world a better place. At Sustainable Human, you can find other volunteers ready and willing to help you. You can also participate in other projects that inspire you. Everyone that participates at Sustainable Human is a volunteer, creating a non-hierarchical organization that can’t be co-opted by individual self-interest. The organization allows each of us to contribute our personal gifts (our time and talents) towards the gift of abundance for all.


Sustainable Human Is Completely Transparent.


Sustainable Human is fully transparent. Currently, there are 104 participants who are collectively giving $484 in recurring monthly gifts. Everyone has access to see how much money is available our collective pool for projects that are created by the community. If a project does not require the use of funds, the project can begin immediately. If the project requires the use money, then it will be voted on by the participants. The project will be discussed for a time before a Yes/No vote will take place. If the majority of participants approve, funds will be immediately dispatched to that project team.

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