About Me


Who are you? That's a simple question. But the way we answer that question has profound implications for how we view and treat both the US and the world. Most of us need to react quickly. We call your name. Sure, my name is Chris Lamb, but it doesn't mean much to you.


It is common in society to create a resume to tell people who you are. This CV usually contains information related to our skills and abilities, confirmed in the form of achievements. What did you do that could just as well be put in the paper? Apparently, this is the best way to talk about you, which is to talk about what you've achieved. After all, I'm telling you, you don't want to hire a person. They want to hire someone who can do the job. Who you really are or what you're passionate about doesn't really matter.


I reject it. Each of us is much more than our quantitative achievements. Personally, I believe that I am at the university with all the experiences and relationships with other people, other people, the world, and even the universe itself. These relationships and experiences make each of us who we are. They form the basis of our worldview and our understanding of what it means to be human.


For this reason, I felt that in order to really answer the question of who I am, I need to write a different kind of CV-a resume of a higher life that begins to form and leads to you today. You can't get to know someone without knowing their experience and that's why I present to you, in the spirit of transparency and honesty, total life.

Here’s why we think we can make a difference.


Tvariojo person's Facebook page has grown to more than 1.2 million sekėjū. Since 2009. we have gilesniam spaces by conversation that has opened thousands of people's hearts and minds. Here's what some people had to tell about their website interaction experience:


"I was really struck by the thoughts and educational materials on the quality. This is not a short idealism side; here is discipline and hard work, sharing, new and old ideas that perspektyvios, and a positive open mind approach to everything that inspires people to help themselves and our world in the long run.”


"An equal community of people really helped me find myself.”


"This site requires me to love humanity and our earth more and more and strengthens my optimism that some may call jaunatvišku naivumu, the nature of this society is such in the world. This is the real internet and social networks, as well as people with a passion for change and alcohol consciousness, potential proof. I can't thank you enough. Things that pasidalinote, created that pulsacijos effect in my life. Thank you for being the light.”


"Thank you for being such a wonderful Facebook page. I was very inspired to change the way I live, and I think with this site.”


"A balanced person always provides good things in my eye and mind to digest. Following this website makes you a good person.”


"My news on the channel is not so many things that are not in bad condition, do not repeat the same memos or unfamiliar photos of children. But a balanced person always provides good things in my eye and mind to digest. Following this website makes you a good person.”