What will this project give away to the world?

The video remix project will create video stories and give them away freely to the world without corporate sponsorship or advertising. Explicit permission from their respective owners will be obtained for all materials used in the remixes, or they were obtained through creative commons licensing.


How do we change the story of the world?

There is only one way that we change our story.

Our stories have an opportunity to change whenever we have an authentic experience that экскурсии по московским переулкам our old story or world view can’t explain. When these experiences happen, our story must change in order that we may comprehend the new experience, which broadens our understanding of the world and ourselves. While real life experiences are always the most effective agents of change, most people today are trapped by their story of rent, bills, and family obligations that leaves them very little time to engage in new experiences.

There is another way to create this kind of experience. Video remixes copy, transform, and combine existing video and audio to create a new experience, one that can change our understanding of the world.


How can video remixes change our understanding of the world?

Video remixes have the ability to speak to us not just through our intellect but also through our emotions as well. Visual images can stimulate our mirror neurons turning on our inherent empathetic nature. They help us to feel our natural connection to the world around us. Most of humanity has separated themselves from their connection to the natural world and thus are busy destroying it in the name of economic growth. We, as a species, need to reconnect and fall back in love with the environment which sustains us so that we may help sustain it.

Having been seen over 4 million times, this video has changed people’s understanding of what it takes to make nature thrive, that you can’t remove one species without damaging all the others.


Here are just a few ways this video has changed people’s stories of nature, in their own words: “I have always loved wolves but had no idea that they were so vital to the ecosystem in this particular way. Thank you so much for this video.”

“This video has led to discussions with my children of how removing just one creature in our urban backyard environment may alter our ecosystem. They instantly understood how everything is connected.”

“This video is a one of the most inspirational things I have ever seen. It shows how balance is important in life. It’s why humans have to preserve Mother Nature.”

“I cried when I learned how wolves change the course of rivers. THIS is my planet. This is my world. The beauty was too great for me to maintain the ‘manly’ control of my emotions.”

“This video is truly amazing. It shows there is a purpose for every form of wildlife. And how that wildlife affects even mighty rivers on Our Mother Earth.”


Where can you see some additional examples of video remixes produced by Sustainable Human?

Here is a larger sample size of the video remixes made to date. For a complete list of all 40+ videos, check our Youtube Channel.

How can you participate in creating video remixes through Sustainable Human?

Everyone can participate in the video remix creation and promotion process. Here is how it works:

Video Remix Producers work together in the Video Remix Forums to discuss ideas for potential remixes. Once the idea has been well-developed, it is submitted through this form and will be included in our bank of video remix ideas.

Film Editors will be invited to browse this video remix bank for remixes that resonate with them. If they see one they want to create, they will contact Chris and let him know. Together with the producers, film editors will begin a process of gathering approved b-roll and music to create a final remix. Video remix producers are welcome to offer their feedback to any of the remixes currently under production.

Once the video remix is finished, it will be translated by our team of Translation Specialists. Marketing materials will be created to help promote the video and Video Remix Promoters will help to establish content distribution partnerships with various social and web channels (i.e. Shareable, Upworthy, Thunderclap, HuffingtonPost, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, etc.) to promote the video as widely as possible.