Sustainable Human is unlike any other organization.

  • Sustainable Human gives everything it produces to the world as a gift.
  • Anyone can join by volunteering their time or money to amplify their gifts to the world.
  • Collaborate on projects you define with other members of the community.
  • All uses of money must be approved by majority vote of the council members.
  • Join as a council member and/or as an ambassador.

Council Member

  • Become a Council Member by making a minimum recurring donation of $1/mo.
  • All expenditures must be approved by majority vote by the council members.
  • Sustainable Human is 100 percent transparent (all donations are displayed publicly).
Become Council Member


  • Ambassadors volunteer their time and expertise on a variety of projects to help create a world of abundance.
  • Meet, collaborate, and define new projects with people from around the world who already understand the need to change the story.
Become An Ambassador


What is the Sustainable Human Council?

The Sustainable Human Council is comprised of people who support the vision of Sustainable Human and who are making recurring financial contributions to Sustainable Human. Council members are invited to participate in a variety of ways by casting their votes on all financial expenditures proposed by the Sustainable Human Ambassadors.

Who can join the Sustainable Human Council?

Anyone can become a council member by making a minimum recurring contribution of $1 per month. We ask that before you join you understand and support the vision for Sustainable Human.

How does voting work?

Council members will receive an e-mail indicating a request for a vote and will have 48 hours to log on to Sustainable Human to cast it. Votes will be binding no matter how many people vote.

Are there any rules to participating in Sustainable Human?

The only rule is to be kind and respectful to each other. We can and must discuss critical issues but personal attacks and/or judgments will not be allowed. Sustainable Human is a community where people of any nationality, race, religion, age, sex, or sexual orientation can contribute freely without fear of discrimination. If you are someone who still consciously engages in discriminatory actions (which furthers the separation at the root of our problems), we kindly ask that you do not join Sustainable Human. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the group who breaks this rule.


Who are Sustainable Human ambassadors?

Sustainable Human ambassadors are everyday people who have become aware and grown tired of the old story of ruthless competition, scarcity, and separation and want to work together towards creating and spreading a new one based on cooperation, interconnection, and abundance. Ambassadors contribute their time in a variety of roles towards various projects – all of which are designed so that their output can be given away to humanity. All of work is a gift and therefore is gifted to the world.

Who can become a Sustainable Human ambassador? How?

Anyone can become a Sustainable Human ambassador by applying for one of the available ambassador positions. The application process will entail an live discussion to see that we are aligned with the same values and general vision and strategy for bringing about a more sustainable world. From there, you will be asked to register as a Sustainable Human ambassador and you can begin working on any of the projects in any number of roles.

What kinds of work do ambassadors engage in?

Ambassadors may offer their expertise in a wide variety of fields such as video editing, video production and promotion, marketing/branding, legal, graphic and web design, web development, and much more. Check out the available positions.

Do Sustainable Human ambassadors get paid?

No, at least not in any traditional sense. All ambassadors contribute their time as a gift to Sustainable Human, which in turn gives everything it produces away as a gift to the world. It is meant to serve as an meaningful outlet for one’s extra time to help make the world a more beautiful one.