Role: Video Remix Producer



Collaborate with others to create new stories that can help change the story of the world. Here is a step-by-step process of how video remixes are created on Sustainable Human:

  1. Submit your idea for a video remix in the forums or browse other ideas for remixes that you would like to help produce.
  2. Once you have developed the abstract, purpose and a script, you can submit your video remix proposal via this form.  The better you are able to define your idea, the more attractive it will be to a potential film editor, who will be volunteering their time to help you produce your remix idea.
  3. Wait for a film editor to agree to create your video remix idea. Once the video has been selected by a film editor, a new subproject under this group will be created to organize efforts around the creation of that video.
  4. You will then work with the film editor to create the finished remix by searching the Internet for approved b-roll in an iterative process until all parties agree the video is done. Here is a letter template that you can use for your outreach.
  5. Once finished, the translator community will help to translate the video into multiple languages.
  6. Marketing materials will be created by writers and graphic designers and a special newsletter will be created containing the video and all promotional materials.
  7. Video remix promoters will help our distribution partners disseminate the video to as wide an audience as possible.

As video remix producers, you are invited to participate in any video that is currently under production by simply joining that group, viewing the latest version of the video, and leaving your feedback. The group will be creating posts that signify the kinds of b-roll they are trying to find for specific sections of the video, so there will always be opportunities to participate.



  • Make sure that all b-roll used in the video remix was either licensed as “creative commons” or approved by the owner of that footage for use in a Sustainable Human remix.
  • Collaborate with other video remix producers to create new stories that help foster a shift in mindset from Separation to Interbeing.



Skills / Knowledge:

  • A good understanding of stories and how the huge role they play in our lives
  • A good understanding of culture and its influences on human behavior
  • An eye for visualizing both concrete and abstract concepts


Becoming a Video Remix Producer for Sustainable Human is easy!

All you need to do is join this group and being participating in any of the ways outlined above.