What will this project give away to the world?

The content curation project will gift the world knowledge of other ways of being and doing. All gifts of knowledge are an offering of help and guidance as we collectively navigate this space between stories, a time when the old story is falling apart and a new story is only just emerging. The content curation project aims to help others through this period.

How does the content curation process work?

The content curation project will curate content for release on the Sustainable Human Facebook page in graphically pleasing ways that invite the user to dig down deeper into the content. In many cases, custom memes will be created for each post. Group members may post links to content in the group activity or in the forums tagged with one of the pillars of sustainability:

#Sustainable Food

#Sustainable Values

#Sustainable Economics

#Sustainable Food

#Sustainable Technology

#Sustainable Design

#Natural Wellness

#Sustainable Living

#Sustainable Culture

#Sustainable Communities

Content curators will choose the pillar(s) that they have knowledge with and write up 1 piece of content per week from the group activity feed, the forums, or from the web and submit the content using this form. Content curators will have a designated time slot every week so they will know exactly when their content will be posted. Custom memes will be created for all content. These memes may be created by the content curators themselves or by asking one of our graphic designers to create it using this meme submission form. More detail around the process itself is defined in the content curation guidelines below: