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    David Rooke

    I would like to discuss establishing an algorithm based outreach initiative based on the concept of “planet as resort” – Project Magellan. In order to change the world we need to change the mindset of the roughly the top 1 billion on the planet – who are also those connected to the facebook and google, who can be reached by highly detailed and effective marketing. The target outcome would be to get them to subscribe to this site for say $5 month – which would bring them further in and enable the return to pay for further marketing. We need to build on the 1.2 million subscribers, and a targetted outreach programme is a way to do this. I would love to discuss this further.



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    Charles Blass

    Hi David

    Very glad to see and engage with you here in support of Magellan and Sustainable Human.

    As discussed, perhaps the key aim of this project is to delineate the Transition from Here to There, in other words, from Point A (Old Story – present dire circumstances) to Point B (New Story – solutions to the multitude of urgencies)….. on behalf of the Sustainable Human platform, community, and many other people, communities and initiatives.

    To this effect, I encourage you to continue refining and sharing your thoughts and collection of materials already developed on this initiative.


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    Charles Blass

    Hi All
    There’s much more than meets the eye here. Many many hours, mails, skypes & hangouts, files, reference links etc are continuously churning around this project. Tonight we bring in some members of the Effective Altruism movement. We’re brewing some large-scale approaches to the largest-scale challenges.
    Do stay tuned and join in as we grow this initiative. As we’ve discussed, there’s potential for it to be the ‘marketing engine’ for Sustainable Human.

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