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    If ever there was a system in crisis, it must be health care. With costs skyrocketing and effectiveness of treatment plummeting, it is obvious the situation is unsustainable. Part of this reason may be attributed to the entire framework behind the design of modern medicine. In today’s world, bacteria and viruses are looked at as something to be eliminated instead of a natural process. Maybe the common cold is useful for the body to amplify the immune system so that it can be stronger. Have you ever noticed the way you feel even stronger once you have recovered from a cold than you felt prior to getting “sick?”

    Because science is focused on finding single root causes for every event, modern medicine and pharmaceutical drugs are designed to treat symptoms rather than conditions. If you have diarrhea, there is a pill you can take for that, but it will give you heartburn. There is a pill you can take for heartburn but it gives you high blood pressure. There is a pill you can take for high blood pressure but it give you diarrhea, so you’re right back where you started, except there are likely so many other side effects from the medications that entire new problems may develop.

    Perhaps it is best to avoid Big Pharma altogether in favor of natural remedies. Nature has conveniently placed all of the vitamins and minerals we need in the organic substances it provides abundantly. Nature has a remedy for every situation. Instead of creating unnatural side effects, whole natural ingredients help to maintain balance in the body.

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