Frequently Asked Questions


What is the vision of sustainable human development?

We understand that all hazards that modern civilization suffers from a common cause. Whether it's a crisis in health care, education, inequality, climate, war, race relations, people, animal cruelty, or any other, roots, stem from the idea that humans are separate from Nature – as our destiny, that in a way different from the world we are collectively destroying.

Immigration the world to be built from sustainable values. The concept of sustainable human development is to provide people with experiences that offer an alternative to the stories promoted by the mainstream media and pop culture that reinforce separation and consumption, as a way of life. At the same time we tell a new story that illustrates other ways, and activities that can guide us all to a sustainable civilization in harmony with all life on the planet.

Read the full explanation of this vision.

What kind of organization it is, a tutorial human?

A steady man is a new kind of organization, in which control is distributed among its members, and all the cost and group decisions are displayed transparently.

Right, No Man is a plan run by Chris Lambs, and all financial contributions are donations to me. I promise to use the money transparently to achieve the collective goals of all participants in the Sustainable Human Development in ways that are consistent with the decisions taken by the Council for Sustainable Human Development.

Why not just design your site, like in many other places?

I think most of us have become distrustful of advertising. Some are consciously aware, this is distrust. Others are cynical about advertising and marketing executives, who can change our feelings and desires to convince us to buy a product, which rarely, if ever, satisfies a basic emotional needs. Ultimately, the question boils down to a question of confidence. Collectively, we have not only deceived by the lies, but also wounded. Their messages and attacked our self-esteem and pursuing our needs unmet belong to the society, and taking from him.

Here is an example: let's say, I really believe in the product or service. The product is environmentally friendly, from renewable resources, all the people involved in the production were paid a living wage, it was manufactured and supplied locally, etc. If I believed in this product and received the reward of his advertising, don't you doubt my reason? Don't you be surprised if this was really as advertised, or if I could embellish it for my own gain? I know I would like to do. But let's think about it, that I decided to take the tour for advertising and environmentally friendly product in the hope, the confidence I have gained in the community will be enough to overcome our common distrust of paid advertising. If not, then now I'm locked in the advertising business model. If I want to expand my capabilities and hire also to help people further the mission of sustainable human development, I need to increase advertising revenue. Maybe in the first couple of products that I promote not environmental disadvantages. But soon I will likely be forced to compromise. I accept to sell a brand has only environmentally friendly, while other parts of their business actively contribute to the destruction of the ecosystem, and this way it can create videos for his criticism of such behavior? I help in all if I do this? It seems to me that even though my consent to be famous, in the end do more harm than good.

That's why immigration't have products to sell. He freely distributed all that he produces. This is a collective gift to humanity.

What is the difference between a Stable Person and a Steady Man?

Sustainable Man-is the personal blog of Chris and Steve Lambs, where we express, and the events to life, society and culture. This is a place for energetic, kinda talk. It is also one of the many sources of content created by the Immigration Person.

Sustainable Man is an open collective project whose goal is to change the history that the leaders of modern civilization. in fact, it is a content factory that produces video and graphic content (stories, concepts, ideas, life) corresponding to sustainable values. Key features thanks to the contributions of its contributors.  Stable a person is not in a place where debates room, to focus on actions. Sustainable Human members are asked to make sure that a pair of Sustainable Human vision before you decide to join so that all will agree with the core mission. We can discuss options and strategies to promote this vision, but this is not the place to discuss causes problems with each other. We recognize that the main problem underlying all others is the Separation in many of its forms, and the action to reunite the human race, with each other, and the planet.

How can you prove that Stable person events?

There are many different levels of proof. Depending on what level you need to or can not provide you with enough evidence. The opposite argument is that faith is not necessarily religious faith, but faith in something, whether it's your own intuition, Paul Krugman, or the strength of the chair you're about to sit in. We all live by faith, when you think about it. We all believe that the oncoming car will not turn into our lane. If you fly, do you believe in the pilots that don't crash the plane.

Modern industrial society is built on evidence. Buildings require proof, that it falls in an earthquake, or when colliding with the boat. If you want to prove something is in the ingredients, you must provide the information and evidence. Of course, I can be indicators of the number of views and our video, but this is to prove that a Stable Person events? No. There is no way to directly attribute any act of kindness or goodwill directly to watching the video.

The honest answer is that I can't prove to you, that in changing anything. It requires an element of faith. However, I'm going to show you that we are making a difference for some people. Do I just let them tell you in their own words.

Will Sustainable human capital to finance other projects besides videos?

The truth is, we don't know. Or do other things or not will be determined by Sustainable Human Design. Of course, it is possible that we collectively decide by vote to participate in other projects if they correspond to the vision of sustainable human development. Should you decide to create a website to explain the new story, and the army all and sustainable human pain. If we grow really big, to open up other opportunities, which is not presented itself yet. All allocations of funds must be approved by the Council for Sustainable Human Development, and each participant contribute has to say how this happens. 

Sustainable Human Council

What is the Sustainable Human Council?

The Sustainable Human Council is comprised of people who support the vision of Sustainable Human and who are making recurring financial contributions to Sustainable Human. Council members are invited to participate in a variety of ways by casting their votes on a number of issues as well as contributing their ideas and perspectives to the content that is created.

Who can join the Sustainable Human Council?

Anyone can become a council member by making a minimum recurring contribution of $1 per month. We ask that before you join you understand and support the vision for Sustainable Human.

How does voting work?

The method by which votes take place may change over time as Sustainable Human grows and directs itself towards more streamlined solutions. Currently, Sustainable Human Council Members are invited to sign up for various mailing lists having to do with different ways of participating. For example, you could sign up to vote on funding allocations. If you do, you will receive an e-mail presenting you with a YES/NO vote on whether funds should be allocated for a particular project. Another mailing list would gather those who want to vote on which video remixes to create next.

Over time, the Sustainable Human Council may decide to move the group on to a social platform that can serve the function better than through e-mail.

Are there any rules to participating in Sustainable Human?

The only rule is to be kind and respectful to each other. We can and must discuss critical issues but personal attacks and/or judgments will not be allowed. Sustainable Human is a community where people of any nationality, race, religion, age, sex, or sexual orientation can contribute freely without fear of discrimination. If you are someone who still consciously engages in discriminatory actions (which furthers the separation at the root of our problems), we kindly ask that you do not join Sustainable Human. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the group who breaks this rule.


What benefits come from participating in Sustainable Human?

Through participation, we uncover aspects of our selves that we didn’t know we had. Participating or being in service to something that is greater than ourselves changes us and that’s how we see the world. It ignites our creativity and feeds our sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves. It is an outlet to feel that you are a part of the solution.

Part of the goal of Sustainable Human is to foster an shift in our attitudes from passive consumer to active participants. Through participation, we become active leaders in our community life. We begin to receive the benefits of meaningful connection and our vision for the future grows.

Read more about why we think participation will save the human race.

Does it cost money to join Sustainable Human? Why?

Yes. Joining Sustainable Human requires that its council members make a minimum recurring donation of $1 per month. Sustainable Human rejects the use of advertising to make money. Instead, it relies on direct contributions from its council members.

The obvious reason is that in our current world, money is needed to practically do things as most people living in Western society need to use money to live, at least if you plan to engage in creating viral videos to help change the story. A less obvious reason is to keep the community pure and free from “trolling.” Fewer people are going to give their money to a cause for the only purpose of disrupting it. Putting a modest, almost symbolic, gesture of $1 per month can really begin to add up to a large amount when done en masse.

Sustainable Human Ambassadors

Who are Sustainable Human ambassadors?

Sustainable Human ambassadors are everyday people who have become aware and grown tired of the old story of ruthless competition, scarcity, and separation and want to work together towards creating and spreading a new one based on cooperation, interconnection, and abundance. Ambassadors contribute their time in a variety of roles towards various projects – all of which are designed so that their output can be given away to humanity. All of work is a gift and therefore is gifted to the world.

Who can become a Sustainable Human ambassador? How?

Anyone can become a Sustainable Human ambassador by applying for one of the available ambassador positions. The application process will entail an live discussion to see that we are aligned with the same values and general vision and strategy for bringing about a more sustainable world. From there, you will be asked to register as a Sustainable Human ambassador and you can begin working on any of the projects in any number of roles.

Do Sustainable Human ambassadors get paid?

No, at least not in any traditional sense. All ambassadors contribute their time as a gift to Sustainable Human, which in turn gives everything it produces away as a gift to the world. It is meant to serve as an meaningful outlet for one’s extra time to help make the world a more beautiful one.

What kinds of work do ambassadors engage in?

Ambassadors may offer their expertise in a wide variety of fields such as video editing, video production and promotion, marketing/branding, legal, graphic and web design, web development, and much more. Check out the available positions.


Does it cost money to join Sustainable Human? Why?

Yes. Joining Sustainable Human requires that its council members make a minimum recurring donation of $1 per month. Sustainable Human rejects the use of advertising to make money. Instead, it relies on direct contributions from its council members.

The obvious reason is that in our current world, money is needed to practically do things as most people living in Western society need to use money to live, at least if you plan to engage in creating viral videos to help change the story. A less obvious reason is to keep the community pure and free from “trolling.” Fewer people are going to give their money to a cause for the only purpose of disrupting it. Putting a modest, almost symbolic, gesture of $1 per month can really begin to add up to a large amount when done en masse.

Do you expect to be paid? How much?

Let us be completely transparent.

For the past three years, we have been gifting our time to creating video remixes to help change the story of humanity. We’ve been doing this without concern for our “financial security” because we felt in our hearts that we needed to do it. We have been able to afford to do this for different reasons. Chris has been living on (now defunct) savings from his corporate job he left 4 years ago and Steve has been working on other video production projects (mostly editing boring webinars).

We are not wealthy. Our combined liquid net worth is less than zero. We both want to dedicate ourselves full time to creating new video remixes for Sustainable Human. We are not looking to become rich or retire from this. We only want to fund the creation of new stories and be able to feed ourselves in the meantime.

How much we will be paid is yet to be determined. It will be determined by the Sustainable Human Council once it reaches sufficient size to begin voting. Until that time, we will not take a penny from Sustainable Human.

What do all of the numbers mean in the transparency summary statistics box?

No of Members Recurring Monthly Gifts Total Cash on Hand Current Year Donations Current Year Expenses Transaction Fee / Income Tax Allocation Rollover Amount
103 482.01 706.82 1,178.04 0.00 471.22 0.00

No. of members: the number of active participants on the Sustainable Human Council.
Recurring Monthly Gifts: the amount of recurring net monthly income for Sustainable Human.
Total Cash on Hand: the amount of cash that Sustainable Human has available to allocate.
Current Year Donations: the total amount of cash that has been donated to Sustainable Human this year.
Current Year Expenses: the total amount of expenses for the year that have been approved by the Sustainable Human Council
Transaction Fee / Income Tax Allocation: Because Sustainable Human is not yet a separate legal organization, all contributions to Sustainable Human are taxes as personal income. This has been set to 40%. All funds that are allocated to taxes that aren’t used will be returned the following year. Currently, transaction fees are close to 10% so that we could accept micro-processing fees on $1 transactions. Normally, its 29 cents + 2.9%, which would make $1 transactions very pricey. Paypal, which processes the payments behind the scenes, has a micro-processing fee of 5 cents + 5% of the transaction. All together, the Transaction Fee / Income Tax Allocation is set at 50%. It may become necessary as Sustainable Human grows to incorporate so that less of the money is being used for taxes, but this is beyond our understanding and would require assistance from the Sustainable Human Council.
Rollover Amount - This field shows any funds that are rolled over after the current year to the next.

What does it cost to create a remix?

The cost to creating a remix has multiple considerations. On the surface, there are no production costs because we are remixing already existing content. The Sustainable Human Council may want to consider offering a small fee if we wish to compensate artists for the use of their art in promoting the new story. In most cases, we hope that this content will be donated. The main cost of producing remixes is just the human time to create them, which we hope to gain from your participation.

Video Remixes

Do you really think that creating video remixes will change the world?

We believe EVERYTHING we do changes the world in some way. There are no insignificant acts. Everything we do affects not just ourselves and our environment, but it shapes the future for generations yet to be born. Everyone is born into a culture that existed long before their birth. We didn’t create it but we undoubtedly have been shaped by it. However, the future can be whatever we make of it. It is through our conscious choices that we shape our collective future, and today the unconscious choices of many are limiting the possibility of being able to live in a sustainable and just world for all of life.

So how are we to change the way people see the world? Contrary to what our rational minds would have us believe, more evidence and data does very little to change people’s beliefs. Think about what propelled you to change your beliefs in the past. What we find is that our story changes when we encounter a new experience that doesn’t fit within the framework of our old story. Experiences are what change people’s beliefs.

So the question becomes not if but how your actions are changing the world. The videos we create help people to see the world in a way that gives them visibility to their connections and relationships to the world and the broader web of life. They inspire people to act not according to the traditional customs of a perverse culture of ruthless competition and mindless consumption but according to what they believe is true within them. When people break free of the constraints imposed by the seeking of immortality and perfection, they are able to become real human beings capable of loving themselves in a way that heals their own wounds and from this place develop the capacity to extend that love and empathy outwards to heal others around them too.

Yes, we do think that creating and distributing video remixes will change the world in a positive way. But we need your help.

What are you going to do with the videos you create?

All content created by Sustainable Human is freely given away. Our only intention is for as many people as possible to see the content. All video remixes will be accompanied by promotional materials (Facebook memes, tweet suggestions, blog). One huge way to participate in Sustainable Human is to to develop relationships with media outlets (Facebook pages, high-traffic Twitter accounts and blogs, websites, e-mail distribution lists, educational organizations, and traditional news sources) on behalf of Sustainable Human. Contact us to find out more.

How frequently will Sustainable Human create remixes?

It depends on many factors. If we have enough  editors and contributors, it is possible that we could scale to produce a new video every day. If it is just Steve and Chris, then we can produce one video every week in a staggered release schedule. Remixes would take a month to produce but we could have four videos at various stages in production at the same time.

When will Sustainable Human begin creating remixes?

There are a few orders of business that must take place before we officially kick off the video remix factory and begin creating content. As mentioned previously, we have created over 40 video remixes to date simply because we felt this is what the world needs. Right now, our lack of funds prohibits both of us from engaging full time in Sustainable Human, which is our intent. The Sustainable Human Council needs to decide if and how much to allocate towards Chris and Steve to engage full time in facilitating the creation of video remixes. Should Sustainable Human allocate funds for each remix? Should we pay a monthly retainer for a video remix every week? These decisions must be made and voted on before we can begin creating remixes. We plan a one month open enrollment campaign before any voting begins.